To you left you can select the virtual tour you'd like to take. In the center under the images, you'll notice that you have some options for speed. I'd recommend taking the tour slowly at first, and then once all the images are cached on you system the faster versions work pretty well. However if your Internet connection allows you to view it full speed as there loading, well then more power to you. For those or you stuck on dial-up I have also made a lower resolution version available. If you would like a high-resolution version of any of the images you see just send me an e-mail. If you interesting in helping me expand this to include pictures of other section of the canal e-mail me and we'll see what we can work out. I would really appreciate it, and I think it would be cool to get more images online.

I do have more images like these that I will be putting online as soon as I get the chance (and home where I have them saved... because I'm certainly not doing this while I should be working or doing school...). I am by the way a collage student, and as such I dont really have much in the money department. Below are some links to books about the Canal on Amazon. If you were planning on buying any of these Id really appreciate it youd do so trough my links so I get a little on commission. Its certainly not much, but hey every little bit helps keep this page online. Now if you really wanted to make me happy you'd buy me a book from my wishlistor donate a few buck to keep my server running. For a young guy like myself $5 could go along way, but even something as little as dime will get you a hand written email telling you how wonderful and generous of a person you are ;-)

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C&O Canal


This page is home to Images of the C&O Canal. Currently I have online pictures near the Cumberland end of the Canal. My goal is to create a virtual tour of the C&O Canal, so expect this page to grow.

Last update: 12-21-05